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Characters by Faction

~Please be aware of minor spoilers!~

Fairy Knoll

The main cast. Though the story focuses on Luana and Floris journey as mage and prince respectively, all of these characters act as the protagonist in their own way.

Arcane Order and Other Torchbearers

People aligned with the Torchbearer faction or are a part of the Arcane Order. Includes a few friends of Fairy Knoll.

Vivianus Merlino

(First Appearance: Prelude to Freedom)

The Minister of Arcane Affairs, and leader of many construction projects across the country, overseeing leyline structure as he works to make cities more modern and less run down. Strict, loyal, and patriotic, he dedicates his life to his king and country.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Human/Ichor/Toverian

Age: 42

Likes: Serving the Arcane Kingdom, young talent, tea parties, fashion

Disikes: The neighbors, chaos, criminals, disrespect, watery tea, gaudy clothing


Wisteria Merlino

(First Appearance: The Arcane Kingdom)

The adopted daughter of Vivianus, she is his secratary, and helps him with his many chores. Though she seems cold, she adores her father and her country more than anything.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Human/Kenuthian-Toverian/Toverian

Age: 35

Likes: Serving the Arcane Kingdom, academia/teaching, hair styling, cooking/eating food, animals

Disikes: Conflict, extreme views, disobedience, hair damaging styles and techniques.


Opal Gemina

(First Appearance: The Arcane Kingdom)

A woman with lavender colored hair and the elder sibling to Amber, she is a landlord, and an Arcane Order member. Her task is to run aparments for magic-aligned foreigners, so that they don't cause trouble. She carries her job's weight with pride.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Light Elf/Paluvera/Toverian

Age: 36

Likes: Hanging out with Amber, thrift shopping, drawing children's books, her high income, nature

Disikes: Her boss, Torchbearer bureaucracy, air pollution, her family outside of Amber


Helios (Niillas) Medwik

(First Appearance: The Arcane Kingdom)

A jolly atelier proprietor, who takes in pooer wizards and teaches them magic as higher education. He works with his sister Duire at Goddi Atelier. As a wizard battlemage, he has mastered galdr magic, as well as magic that manipulates light via artifacts.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Human/Finnar-Toverian/Toverian

Age: 40

Likes: Teaching at his atelier, studying the neighbors, putting on magic performances, singing

Disikes: Most fellow Torchbearers, Torchbearer bureaucracy, art block


Duire Medwik

(First Appearance: The Arcane Kingdom)

The sleepy co-proprietress, a master seidr magic and water/ice magic, Duire runs the Goddi Atelier with her brother Helios. She is more elusive and quiet, but her wisdom and passion for helping the students of the atelier make her a beloved figure in the atelier.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Human/Finnar-Toverian/Toverian

Age: 40

Likes: Teaching at her atelier, studying artifacts and history, guiding people, singing

Disikes: Hustle and bustle, coffee, magic being used willy nilly, large mage institutions

Friends of Fairy Knoll

Allies that teach life lessons through their love and companionship-as well as those who try their best to do so. Includes the neighbors met along the way.
Browie Trio

Ringo, Basil, and Naiporo

(First Appearance: Prelude to Freedom)

A trio of little people, two brownies and a koroporkkur. They befriended Luana when she gave them food to help her with chores. Naiporo is the youngest, Ringo the in between, and Basil is the eldest. The trio became friends overseas, long before they found themselves in Keona.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Neighbor (Fae)/Brownie (Ringo, Basil), Koroporkkur+Mosir(Naiporo)/Ierenese (Ringo), Albionian (Basil), and Ryushima (Naiporo)

Ages: 50, 100, and 30 respectively.

(All three) likes: Cleaning, cooking, helping kind people, pottery/tailoring/shoemaking, nature, changelings

Disikes: Being seen by sublunaries, cruel people, the human world, having their kindness misused, iron

Verdant Lady

The Verdant Lady

(First Appearance: Prelude to Freedom)

A mysterious woman dressed in green. She takes an instant liking to Luana for reasons unknown.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Neighbor (Fae)/???/???

Age: ???

Likes: ???

Disikes: ???



A cait sidhe that adores Nikalao and acts as a mother figure to him. She vouches for his magic potential, and helps Luana bring him to the druids. She adores teasing people, especially Luana, the only changeling she's met in Keona.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Neighbor (Fae)/Cait Sidhe/Keonian

Age: ???

Likes: Causing mischief in Kalani Market, talking to Nikalao, teasing people, fishing, teaching magic, Thaumaturges

Disikes: Most humans, Torchbearers, the human world, churches/religious sites, iron



(First Appearance: Prelude to Freedom)

A homeless boy that can see spirits, taken under Luana's wing. Behind his initial tough facade, he adores the world and Luana. His only wish is that it could love him back-it is only a matter of time before he finds a pocket of love in the cruelty.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Human/Maoli/Keonian

Age: 13

Likes: Horseplay, playing with Makamae, dreaming of the future, building furniture, the neighbors

Disikes: Most people, the cablecar workers, the workers of the city, tourists



(First Appearance: Prelude to Freedom)

An elder of a druid circle in Keona, who works at Kalani Cleaning and Construction Services in search of mages to rescue from Keona's strict rules on magic. Rotund, jolly, and in tune with herself, she guides young mages with the most vigor of all of the elders.

Species/Ethnicity/Nationality: Human (Druid)/Maoli/Keonian

Age: 200 (physically 50's)

Likes: Teaching, cooking, cleaning, tailoring, flying, foraging, hunting

Disikes: Keona's bureaucrats, The Kapua Association, Torchbearers, elder Uluwehi's grumpiness, injustice



A witch with a deadly cackle and a talent for making enchanted items. The leader of the Stagsbridge Lillies, she often does underground magic work with her friends. She often hosts sleepovers in her glade to unwind with friends.



A nagual that can shift into a jaguar. She worships the night and Tezcalipoca. She has a big heart and can be a little touchy feely, but she truly just loves all of her friends.



A troll girl who used to live under a bridge with her mother and father between two regions of Tovera, but was ran off when found by locals. Demure, sweet, and softspoken, Bridget tries her best to not be bombastic, but she's more excitable than she looks.



An adrogynous wood elf (bird of paradise) that stumbled across the Lillies long ago, and has been with them for years. They are quiet and shy, but wise due to their abnormally long life. They hang around Bridget often, enjoying her quiet company.



A troubled woman that has been through much at the hands of her own kingdom. Nevertheless, she loves it, and wishes to find a way to survive in it. She becomes a good friend to the fairies, and often joins in on their ventures in the town when she can.


Hoggins, Innana, & Marcassin

An orc man, his wife, and their small child, who befriend the fairies after a big request. They move in to Dragonriver after said request, and help the fairies on their various projects alongside Eliza. They open an inn together, after Innana's former one closed down years ago.