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Fairies go rogue, a tragedy strikes-wounds are unraveled again and again and again, until all is laid bare. Beyond these wounds lie ugly truths and broken lives, but also newfound joy and a chance to free oneself from the cage one has inherited from the world.
Gone is the age of fairy tales, where love conquers all and those pure of heart are given mercy. And yet, here we find that one manages to bloom even amongst the harsh realities of the world of Eostella.

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The one and only siofra of Keona works tirelessly to reach salvation. A life without the stress magic brings is all she desires. However, the path to this life is long and full of twists and turns, the first of them being a little favor she owes to a fairy in the nearest city market...


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~Arc I~

Reaching the shores of the kingdom blessed by founder's light, the siofra braces herself for experiences new. As the procession of beings march out the train and to Sellomanto Island, she begins her search for a mentor that will help her control her magic and eventually live a magic free life.

However, this transition may not be as fast as she had hoped, as the magic world and mundane world starts to collide by the day, and her affinity with the neighbors becomes key to understanding and solving the strange events around Tovera's capital city, Abulosa.