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Welcome to the World of Eostella

~An Introduction from the Sage of Dimensions~

Somewhere, far far away, a world was born, in a galaxy shaped something an egg. One day, in the middle of this egg-shaped slice of the cosmos, life began to emerge.

The life born at the beginning of this world's creation boasted both incredible and humble beginnings. From the divine precursors of the many lands across this galaxy's planes of existence, to the oddly-evolved peoples that came after them, this world grew and grew, and began to weave secrets upon secrets hidden from those with clouded eyes.

These secrets, and the people that can understand them, have been around since time immemorial. While most mortals are not in the know about magic and the beings next door beyond what they do for the public, and stories for children to fall asleep to, those who are the inheritors of secrets woven since time's beginning-the magi-know better. It is they and they alone that truly understand the alternative ruleset known as magic, the beings next door-who are very real-and the consequences of magic wielded without caution.

Throughout these records, The Tovera Chronicles, the magi, forever bound to their own little world between the mortal world and the veil, overseeing all arcane affairs, all desire the same thing: to help their fellow man, to not let magic as a force and beings next door swallow the sublunary world whole-such is their responsibility as those who can tap into the world itself, to alter the earthly rules using the arcane rules magic enables.

But alas, magic, and those next door to us, are fickle things, and are much more intertwined into everyday life on a scale even those within magedom cannot even begin to fathom or control.

Welcome, dear visitor, dear pupil, to Eostella, the world of Miracles and Men. Open your heart and mind, and see the world with unclouded eyes.

(This index is a WIP! Thank you for your patience!)