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Species Encylopedia

Learn about the people that live on the many planes of Eostella.

~Mortal Types~

Humans | Halflings | Dwarves | Elves | Orcs | Amphibos | The Wyvers | Hybrids

~Neighbor Types~

Vampires+Vampirism Infected | Lycanthropes+Lycanthropy Infected | Dragons | Changelings | Gods | Aos Sidhe

Mortal Type Species

These types of people live on the mortal plane, and are native to it-they may have odd quirks that evoke a neighbor type, such as wood elves and their plant-like qualities, but they are 100% products of biological happensance on the mortal plane. They have physical bodies most of the time, and can die of old age. Includes "demihumans"/oddfolk/humanoids.


Neighbor Type Species

Neighbors are (usually) beings and peoples that come from another plane, usually one parallel to ours. They tend to be powerful and unpredictable due to their otherworldly nature. These species range from minor elemental spirits to god clans. This is also used for blatantly supernatural peoples or folk regardless of planetary origin, such as vampires, werewolves, and changelings. They tend to have long lives, and if they don't die from old age, they are hard to kill.

Vampires+Vampirism Infected

Lords of the Night

Lifespan: Undead ones have lived for eons. Newly infected variants have varying lifespans. Generally speaking, it can last past thousands of years.

Haunts/Locations: All over the world, but well hidden.

Mage Classification: Neighbor


Lycanthropes+Lycanthropy Infected

Lunacy Made Manifest

Lifespan: 600/Varies.

Haunts/Locations: All over the world, usually in the depths of biomes. Newly infected variants may live in cities and manage their condition under mage supervision.

Mage Classification:Neighbor



The King of Beasts

Lifespan: Several millennia.

Haunts/Locations: All over the world, usually in the depths of biomes; very few live among people or even their own kind.

Mage Classification:Neighbor



Forever on the Other Side of the Veil

Lifespan: Varies based on their adopted otherworldly kinfolk, and the species they were before being spirited away.

Haunts/Locations: All over the world, but they usually end up in Tovera at some point in their lives.

Mage Classification: Neighbor


Lifespan: Varies, but tends to be irrelevant in the case of the dead.

Haunts/Locations: Varies, based on type of spirit, but can be found all over the world wherever you look.

Mage Classification: Neighbor

A non-material being that is usually invisible to humans. Spirits are a large category, and most neighbors fall under it. Spirits come in many shapes, sizes, and, if powerful enough, levels of physicality on the mortal plane, and are born in many different ways. Ghosts are born of mortal regret, spirits of the elements are born from the earth's elements gaining a will, some spirits are born of a child's first laugh, and others are born of mortal will and love. The types of spirits encountered, the rules they operate on, how to repel them or gain their favor, and what they are named varies from location to location and how they are born to begin with.

There is a lot of overlap between spirit, god, and fairy-a being can be all three at once-however, many spirits, gods, and fae only fir their own category in the eyes of mages. Generally speaking, if a mage is speaking of a god or fairy, they will be called as such instead of being called a "spirit," due to their different origins compared to the average spirit-everything else, such as ghosts, spirits with monsterous/animal-like forms, inanimate objects with a will, elementals, and spiritual beings that are hard to define will be referred to as a spirit.

Spirits make up the vast majority of neighbor types and neighbor incidents in the world of Eostella, with very few incidents being caused by physical neighbors such as changelings, werewolves, and vampires. This is due to their ability to hide from most mortals, who are not magically inclined enough to see them to begin with. For the most part, only mages can see them, as they have the capacity to pierce the veil of the world-however, very few mages outside of Theurgists, a rare mage type, and Thaumaturges, who are tasked with monitoring the wild magic of the world, interact with them on friendly terms.


Lifespan: Ranges from ridiculously long to immortal.

Haunts/Locations: Can be found all over the human realm, or in any plane.

Mage Classification: Neighbor

A supreme spirit or a physical being of divinity, the universe's concepts made manifest or a divine species of sorts (sometimes, gods can and often are both). These spirits and divine folk can command the earth, their bodies, and the space around them in ways minor spirits and mortals can't, usually due to being a uniquely powerful/old supreme spirit in one's domain/element, or because the family/clan the gods come from has a grasp on magic mortals can't accomplish thanks to the knowledge being lost to time, or because the god's way of using it is not able to be replicated by mortals to begin with due to differences in the body, mind, or soul. Gods of the spirit variety tend to have a physicality many spirits don't either due to their power, but many gods are born from divine/supreme flesh and blood, and are a part of a large clan or family, such as the Teteo, the Theoi, and the People of Danu.

Gods gravitate towards places that embody their concepts/domains/most skilled asset best-music gods adore concerts and street perfomances-gods of death loom over graveyards-this allows them to manifest if only for a little while. However, once they have observed their element in the flesh and the event concludes, they are back to their own plane, more often than not.

Most gods in modern times are too tired and weak to operate outside of the planes they live in, can only manifest when they are near their embodiment in a high volume, or are already dead/dying-as such, they often appear as spirits despite having a physical body or being able to create one due to the strain of leaving/manifesting outside of their godly realms. This being said, if one manages to manifest, many could be in danger, even if it is a benevolent one thanks to the amount of power they wield just by existing.

"Good Folk"/Daione Sidhe/Sidhe/Ao si/Fairies

Lifespan: Ranges from ridiculously long to immortal. Those who are in the human realm have long lives, while those in Tir Na Nog live forever.

Haunts/Locations: Ierene, Albion, Gwirdinn, Tovera's countryside

Mage Classification: Neighbor

A legendary folk that appear in legend after legend. These folk are a race of gods born of the goddess Danu that have been driven out of the lands of Ierene. Some left for Tir na Nog, a realm only accessible by and able to be seen by chosen people. Others left for a new realm for a brand new life, not willing to retire and indulge in comfort just yet, desiring to still be close to home while living away from humans-this is now called the fairy realm by mages. Lastly, some remained, being given homes in mounds of Ierene by their leader at the time, the Dagda. Because of this, they are now called "fairies," the "aos sidhe", the "good folk," or, depending on gender, "fer sidhe" (man of the hill) or "ban sidhe" (woman of the hill).

These days, the label of fairy includes a whole manner of folk that share the fairy plane with the Tuathe De's descendants, so when referring to the fae of Ierene, Albion, and Gwirdnn in specific, "Good Folk" and "Sidhe" are used to separate them from one another. "Fairy" as a term is considered an undesireable label to these folk, and is only used by those who don't respect them or aren't in the know.