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Species Encylopedia

Learn about the people that live on the many planes of Eostella.

Mortal Type Species

These types of people live on the mortal plane, and are native to it-they may have odd quirks that evoke a neighbor type, but they are 100% products of biological happensance on the mortal plane. They have physical bodies most of the time, and can die of old age. Includes "demihumans"/oddfolk/humanoids.

Humans | Nimblesprigs | Stonestouts | Forestkin | Swinemen | Amphibos | Wyvers | Homunculi | Ancients | Hybrids

Neighbor Type Species

Neighbors are (usually) beings and peoples that come from another plane, usually one parallel to ours. They tend to be powerful and unpredictable due to their otherworldly nature. These species range from minor elemental spirits to god clans. This is also used for blatantly supernatural peoples or folk regardless of planetary origin, such as vampires, werewolves, and changelings. They tend to have long lives, and if they don't die from old age, they are hard to kill.

Vampires+Vampirism Infected | Lycanthropes+Lycanthropy Infected | Dragons | Changelings | Gods | Aos Sidhe