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About Tovera...

~What is Tovera Chronicles About?~

Tovera Chronicles is a character driven urban fantasy universe/storyworld, most of which is hosted online for free! It is inspired by josei and iyashikei comics, as well as character dramas and character driven stories. As such, it is aimed at older teens to adults, and is slowburn.

The title includes the word "chronicles" because the stories told take place over a long time and are usually somewhat connected, as they often take place in the kingdom of Tovera, and events from one story heavily impact the others. From freelancing mages in the countryside being dragged into a national conspiracy, to a group of teenagers living and working in a town made for spirits, the world of Tovera invites you, the reader, to watch the making of a new era of myth and legend, to bear witness to and to continue to chronicle the stories hidden from plain sight.

What about the rest of the site?


Links to where to read The Little Guild on the Hill, and other stories set in the world of Eostella. Most of it is up for free on this site or are free to download. All stories will always have a free way to consume it, even when paid versions pop up.

~The Encyclopedias~

The site's encyclopedias go over a few folklore staples to help readers unfamiliar with the subject matter, but are postly just extras that are fun to read. Most of these things will be explained in the stories, proper but this serves as a good page to refresh your memory or just to have fun reading. Zine version of them both are being planned.

~Donate to the author, or Download art!~

If you enjoy the universe, feel free to tip the creator on their Ko-fi. There's no content locked behind it-it is simply a way to show some support for the webcomic/manga. However, if you want to download covers and splash pages, you can go to Ko-fi for that as well!


As the author is a college student, scheduling will be spotty for most works made for Tovera. Please use the RSS feed to keep up with updates to the stories.


For the safety of all readers, there will sometimes be trigger warnings before some chapters. Many works made in the storyworld contain themes concerning child abuse/family dysfunction, suicide, addiction, toxic relationships/relationship dysfunction, racism/xenophobia/genocide/colonialism, some discussion of SA, and poverty. Please read responsibly!


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