Dwarves: Crowned Artisans of the Toverian Mountains

A few dwarves

A few examples of dwarves in the land of Tovera. Older members grow out their horns and decorate them to ridiculous degrees to symbolize the long road that is their lives.
Basic Characteristics
Lifespan Around 500 years.
Homeland/Main Continent/Home Country Mostly in Tovera's mountains and southern plains. Also live at the feet of mountains.
Skin Tone Ranges from pale to dark shades.
Size Small-their width makes up for their lack of height.
Is a Magedom Culture Present? Yes; has heavy emphasis on magic tools, contacting the spirits of the mountains' forests, rocks, trees, and ore, and the use of certain crystals and ore for creating magic artifacts and bargaining with spirits. Less division between magic as an institution and wild magic.
Can Have Offspring With Humanoids? Yes
Can Have Offspring with Neighbors? Yes, as long as the neighbor is corporeal.
"As we push south and east in this new land, we find a city full of the stubby folk we met in Tovera's capital, Abulosa. Like the little workers we saw under the employ of the Toverina, and the many jewelers, cobblers, and tailors we saw in the market-their limbs are short, their clothes lined with jewels aplenty, and their heads boast a sturdy pair of horns. Today, I would like to communicate with these odd folk in their own hometown, and see if they are willing to teach us some of their ore-based artistry-or at least barter with us so that we may have a few of their masterpieces. I have never seen anything like it, truly." - Howard A. Wilson

"Discovered" by Howard Alexandre Wilson, an explorer from the original Albionian settlers in Tovera, the dwarves of Tovera are friendly stout mountain and plain dwelling people that live mostly in Tovera's east and south-which constites the east Utlonea Province, and the Haemaria Province. Known for their artistry, magic technology, mountain and plain traversing technology, and their beautiful and warm clothing, the dwarves are among the most beloved humanoids to magekind, and were close to the other clans of the land before mages separated the worlds of humans and humanoids.

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Artistry, Innovation, and Hospitality - The Pillars of Dwarven Culture

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Sublunary Dwarves

Dwarven Mages

Dwarven Relationships

Relationship to Humans and Other Humanoids

Relationship to the Neighbors