Halflings, Masters of Hearth and Home

A few dwarves

A few examples of halflings in the land of Tovera. While they have a reputation for loving their little burrows, younger people of this species want to see the world,, often teaming up with mage guilds in order to not anger Torchbearers while still getting out of their comfort zone.
Basic Characteristics
Lifespan Around 120 years.
Homeland/Main Continent/Home Country Mostly in Tovera's plains/countrysides, the Para and Utonnia Provinces.
Skin Tone Ranges from pale to dark shades.
Size Small-they are short in height.
Is a Magedom Culture Present? Yes; has heavy emphasis on household spirit and ancestor worship, enhancing food and household tools with magic-made/enhanced veggies and fruits/materials, and reinforcing clothes for farm and housework. Also used for/during adventuring. Passes this down from generation to generation. Every family has their own techniques, tools, recipes, and even household spirits.
Can Have Offspring With Humanoids? Yes
Can Have Offspring with Neighbors? Yes, as long as the neighbor is corporeal.
"When we came ashore, the human folk of Tovera greeted us with open arms, much to our gratitude-but among the humans, woven between their long legs of many shades, short, skinny, deft men carried food, clothing, and incense my people's way. As they came closer, my people were shocked to see their odd features. Their hands only had only four, slightly clawed fingers on each hand-their ears were large, round at the ends, and slightly hairy-their feet were covered in hair, almost like a layer of fur, though their clothing, which ranged from dresses to overalls to pantyhose under tunics. Though I wish I was able to speak to the little men, I was so famished that I simply dug into the food they had given us-it was unlike any food I had ever had before. Once we settle down, I will find one of these little men, and will ask if they want to share some recipes with my people." - Howard A. Wilson

The above is an excerpt of the diary of Howard Alexandre Wilson, an explorer from the original Albionian settlers in Tovera, upon meeting the halflings of Tovera. Known for their prowess in the home, these small deft people are the backbone of a lot of modern day house based magic that mages use to this day. Living in Tovera's plains, that being the countrysides of Utlonea and a lot of Para, they make a living off of sharing their agricultural prowess with the people of the land through shipping out their crops, specialty made foods and tools, and hardy clothing through company labels as to hide their identity from sublunary humans, per the request of Torchbearers centuries ago.

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Hearth, Home, Farming...Adventure - The Pillars of Halfling Culture

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