Humans, Heirs of Eostella

A few humans

A few examples of humans in the world of Eostella. They're quite diverse.
Basic Characteristics
Lifespan Around 100 years.
Homeland/Main Continent/Home Country Humans live all over.
Skin Tone Ranges from pale to dark shades.
Size Medium
Is a Magedom Culture Present? Yes; both Torchbearer and Thaumaturge circles exist in most human cultures, though the name changes based on language and culture.
Can Have Offspring With Humanoids? Yes
Can Have Offspring with Neighbors? Yes, as long as the neighbor is corporeal.
"Having named ourselves heirs of the world through our high numbers and consistent penchant for widespread innovation, we take on the ultimate responsibility to all mortals we live alongside-especially those of us who have been bestowed the gift of magic." - The Torchbearer

Get to know the most numerous species in the world: Humans! while they seem boring on first glance, these hardy, numerous, short-lived mortals have been a driving force in world history, leaving no land unsettled and no rock unturned in their pursuit of comfort and fulfillment.

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Humanity: Strength in Numbers

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Sublunary Humans

Human Mages

Humanity's Relationships

Relationship to Humanoids

Relationship to the Neighbors