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About TLGoTH...

~What's The Little Guild on the Hill About?~

Set in a mid 1900's setting, Luana Hoapili is a working class changeling woman that wants a peaceful, mundane life despite her affinity for magic. In order to achieve this, she goes overseas to Tovera, which has a variety of mundane and magic resources. Once she finds a mage mentor, she'll learn how to master her wild magic, and settle down into normal mortal life.

After she moves there, however, a terrible event casts a shadow over all life in Tovera-secrets come out, the fair folk go rogue, the people of the land cry for help, entropy begins to rule supreme, and much turmoil, both politically and emotionally, is unearthed little by little. To protect her new home, Luana starts a guild named Fairy Knoll and is forced to dive deep into the world of magic, utilizing her link to the other side to help the troubled citizens around her, all while dealing with her own inner turmoil caused by the past.

As the fairies on the hill live out their lives as freelancing mages, fixing the arcane and mundane problems of their clients, they find that the tragedy, the rougue fae, the local's cries for the their help, and for Luana, her own personal hurt, are more connected than they think. Follow the protagonists, their friends, and their antagonistic yet well meaning adversaries as they survive the world's demons, their own demons...and each other's demons!

What about the rest of the site?


Links to itch.io, where you can download and read The Little Guild on the Hill. The VN will be free to read.

~Hanging with the Fairies~

A collection of character design notes and pages, smaller illustrations about inspirations and background information about the world/worldbuilding, and extra 4koma-esque comics about what the characters are doing when they aren't on screen.

~Donate to the author, or Download art!~

If you enjoy the VN, feel free to tip the creator on their Ko-fi! There's no content locked behind it-it is simply a way to show some support for the VN. However, if you want to download covers and splash pages, you can go to Ko-fi for that as well.


As the author is a college student, content will be added sporadically on the worldbuilding pages.


This work is best consumed by anyone age 16 and older, as it contains themes concerning child abuse/family dysfunction, suicide, addiction, toxic relationships/relationship dysfunction, racism/xenophobia/genocide/colonialism, some discussion of SA, and poverty. Please read responsibly!


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