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Fairies go rogue, a tragedy strikes-wounds are unraveled again and again and again, until all is laid bare. Beyond these wounds lie ugly truths and broken lives, but also newfound joy and a chance to free oneself from the cage one has inherited from the world.
Gone is the age of fairy tales, where love conquers all and those pure of heart are given mercy. And yet, here we find that one manages to bloom even amongst the harsh realities of the world of Eostella.

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Prelude to Freedom


Weary, sickly, and surrounded by equally weary and sickly coworkers, Luana decides it's time to change her life for the better. Hearing her coworkers talk about the kingdom Tovera-a kingdom she has a complicated relationship with but offers an objectively better quality of life, she decides to visit their booth at a job fair make a plan to live and work there. However, before she goes overseas, she finds that she has one last link to her homeland-a debt she owes to a fairy that lives in the market near her dorm.


~Prelude to Freedom is currently in development!~

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