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~What is Tovera Chronicles?~

Tovera Chronicles is a character driven urban fantasy universe/storyworld, most of which is hosted online for free! It is inspired by josei and iyashikei comics, as well as character dramas and character driven stories. As such, it is aimed at older teens to adults, and is slowburn. The title includes the word "chronicles" because the stories told take place over a long time and are usually somewhat connected, as they often take place in the kingdom of Tovera, and events from one story heavily impact the others. From freelancing mages in the countryside being dragged into a national conspiracy, to a group of teenagers living and working in a town made for spirits, the world of Tovera invites you, the reader, to watch the making of a new era of myth and legend, to bear witness to and to continue to chronicle the stories hidden from plain sight.

~What is Tovera Chronicles: Kamikakushi About?~

In the northwest of Tovera, on the edges of the Ferkona province, there is a bustling city hidden behind the veil. To those with clouded eyes, it appears as an ancient city ruin deep in the forests of Ferkona-to those with eyes unclouded, it is revealed to be a spiritground, a place where spirits have taken a part of the mortal plane as their home, and is protected by a thick fog only neighbors can pierce.

However, recently, a human has waltzed into her gates somehow. A determined, foul-mouthed, and no-nonsense boy of the Ichor clan named Maeveren is at first entranced by the wonder of a ruin turning into a restored city teeming with life-but his excitement quickly turns into horror when night falls, the denizens let loose in full, and as he realizes the denizens are not his own kind.

The good news is, there are many folk in this new peculiar city willing to help him live amongst his new, strange neighbors...the bad news is, getting back to the mortal realm is something he must figure out on his own, using his knowledge of the magic world at its fullest.

This work takes place years after The Little Guild on the Hill. As such, it has light spoilers for this work. If you don't want slight spoilers for TLGoTH, please turn back now!