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In a kingdom with an uncertain future, a lone boy focuses on his studies, the political turmoil not phasing him one bit. Tasked with anthropology work related to magekind in Tovera, he sets his sights on a settlement that was once a hotbed for mages-an Ichor settlment, before a time where his own people were scorned, and lived among the other clans.

Motorbroom underneath him, wand and tome in hand, the boy sets off to find, record, and take back relics to his school, Hechea Academy. But alas, life has more fun things in store for this boy. The wheel of fate begins to turn when he retires for the night within the ruin, a voice warns him of what's to come, and, in his own desire to understand his own people and record it for mages to come, he ignores the pleas and walks headfirst into a realm that is an anthropologists's dream, but a mortal's nightmare.

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Arc I: Welcome to Santenica!

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